Weekly Classes

University of St. Gallen (HSG)

Monday – Hatha Yoga – 19:30 

Thursday – Restorative & Meditation – 20:50

(These classes are open to University students & staff members only). 

Bubble Yoga Space St. Gallen

Wednesday – Yoga of the Heart for KIDS (5-8 years old) – 15:30-16:15

Wednesday – Yoga of the Heart for KIDS (9-12 years old) – 17:00-17:45

Wednesday – Hatha Yoga of the Heart + Meditation for ADULTS – 18:45-20:15

Friday – Toddlers & Mums/Dads Yoga – 10:00-10:45

(KIDS & TODDLERS & MUMS/DADS Sessions are per Term & require previous sign up. Register via info@ishvarayoga.ch).

Weekly Classes (summer time)

Outdoor Yoga Classes in St Gallen StadtPark (Ishvara Yoga + Bubble Yoga)

It is time to take our practice outside again!! This summer, take a moment for yourself to slow down for an hour, enjoying a yoga session in the Stadtpark to recharge!

Catalina is guiding you through refreshing Hatha Yoga practices every Monday (18:30-19:30) & Thursday (12:15-13:15).

These classes are donation based – an initiative to make Yoga accessible to everyone & a platform where you can support the Community. Your donations contribute to this ideal of #YogaForAll, allowing us to keep offering quality classes at a more affordable price. As a guideline we think CHF15.- is a fair minimum.

Special Events

All events are published in our Facebook page, follow Ishvara Yoga to stay tuned! 

Special Celebrations & Workshops

 Partner Yoga

  B-Days & Anniversaries

  Family Yoga

  Team Events 

 Woskhops on Breathing Techniques (Pranayama), Meditation, Intensive Asana Practice & other customised options upon request.

More infos & registration to info@ishvarayoga.ch 

They already work with Ishvara Yoga: