YOGA of the heart for kids, teens & adults

Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, into the Self.
The Bhagavad Gita

Yoga is the journey of the Self,
through the Self, into the Self.

The Bhagavad Gita

About Catalina

Founder of Ishvara  Primary School Teacher Child Rights Advocate Heart of Yoga (500H- RYT)

Lifelong Student Curious Adventurer Human World Explorer Nature Lover

Why Yoga of the Heart?

The regular practice & embodiment of 'Yoga of the Heart' has the power to change the world.

Embodying the change we wish for the world through the embrace of breath, body movement & learning to sit with our own discomfort & humanity.

Ishvara experience

It is an invitation for kids, teens & adults to connect with the inhale & exhale through body movement. It's an invitation to participate & embrace life as it is in a playful & joyful way!

Yoga of the Heart
Kids &Teens

‘Yoga of the Heart’ are Yoga & Mindfulness sessions. WE play Yoga & experience the magic in the union of the mind, heart & body.

Sessions are in English or Spanish

Small group size & a minimum of 4 participants to start


(2.5-5 years old/5-8 years old /8-12 years old)

Stories, songs & games invite children to explore body postures, breathing exercises & visualisations in a simple, short & playful way. 

45 mins sessions full of fun & magic to embrace the power & benefits of Yoga together!


2.5-4 hours workshops addressed to learn Yoga & Mindfulness postures, games & techniques to strengthen children’s wellbeing & ways to integrate these tools into school.

Includes yoga lesson plans to integrate in the classroom, & plenty of practical resources.


(12-18 years old)

Music, mindful activities, guided meditations, philosophical reflections & essential oils are key elements of this yogic journey.

60 mins sessions where the body, mind & heart embark together into an exciting journey.



(12-18 years old)

Participants are led into a unique experiential journey of Self-exploration & discovery that re-connects them with who they are.


School Programs

“My wish is that one day, formal education will pay attention to the education of the heart, teaching love, compassion, justice, forgiveness, mindfulness, tolerance & Peace”.
– Dalai Lama

‘Yoga of the Heart’ is a personalised Yoga & Mindfulness program/workshop series to integrate into your school, either as a theme project, into the classroom curriculum, as an afterschool or physical education program.

Addressed to kids, teens &/or teachers who wish to learn practical tools to enjoy a more calm & mindful day-to-day.


These Yoga & Mindfulness sessions in educational institutions include breathing exercises, body postures, guided meditations, mindfulness games, music & stories as tools to tap into the enormous physical, mental & emotional benefits of Yoga.

Sessions are simple, short & fun which is the best way to engage everyone in developing their fullest potential!

School programs contribute to:

Improving physical & mental flexibility, balance & strength

∞ Reducing anxiety & stress

∞ Boost concentration, memory span & creativity

∞Strengthen confidence & self-esteem

∞ Recognising own emotions & body sensations

∞ Process frustration & anger in a healthy way

∞ Act mindfully

Every Body

“The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life & our relationships.”- T.K.V. Desikachar

Develop Your Practice

What if developing your personalised Yoga practice would hold every-thing you need? Well, since all you need is with-in you – this individualised regular practice would allow you access & acknowledge the perfect union of opposites that you all-ready are.

YES! Developing your own Yoga practice is key to participate in the reality that you already are – nothing to change, nothing to achieve, nowhere else to go.

 5 x 60-75 mins sessions developed thoroughly to respond to your needs & achieve the maximum therapeutic value. Each session is a combination of asanas, relaxation, pranayama & meditation that will unleash your fullest potential!

If practiced daily on a long term base, magical results will be experienced!


∞ An intimate moment of connection with the world inside of you

∞ A simple yet energetically powerful Hatha Flow, Yin &/or Restorative Yoga sequence

∞ Body movements at the pace of your own breath

∞ Blissful final relaxation

∞ Final Meditation

These Yoga sessions are suitable for every-body; no previous experience is necessary.

Family Yoga & Workshops for


“Yoga helps us live life to the fullest potential by anchoring us in ourselves. It is a lifelong journey to take together as a family.”– Gisele Sharlow, Kids Yoga Stories Founder

Would you like to develop your Family Yoga practice at home? When it’s the best moment to start Yoga with your kids? Now! The best environment? Home sweet home! And the best way? Simple, short & playful sessions!

‘Yoga of the Heart & Mindfulness’ at home- is a non-artificial, non-forced way to strengthen the family bonds through playing Yoga.

45-60 mins sessions – Meeting ideally once a week to develop a personalized FUN practice that responds to the needs & wishes of your unique family constellation, check-in on your regular practice, & exchange questions.


Stories, songs & games invite families to explore the benefits of practicing Yoga as a family together! 

Sessions are in English or Spanish

These Yoga sessions are suitable for every-body; no previous experience is necessary.

Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice:

☾ Develops mind & body awareness

☾ Cultivates love for oneself, others & the environment

☾ Builds-up confidence & self-esteem

☾ Improves concentration & attention span

☾ Boosts creativity & compassion

☾ Reduces stress & anxiety

☾ We become happier beings!

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